Urban Art

  • The freewheeling urban art festival will be organized around  comedy shows, music performances, talk shows, theatre and cinema screenings. The themes of all these events will be focused on life in cities.
  • Anyone with an interest in cities in general, and Hyderabad more specifically is welcome!
  • The Urban Arts festival will showcase life in the city  from local and national talent.


Tracks Include Home

Geo hackspace

Designers, hackers, and geoactivists collaborate to iterate and innovate open source mapping solutions for urban problems around mobility and more. The hackspace is facilitated by Devthon.

Talk space

Activists, academics, and researchers discuss urban issues around the environment, mobility, safety, water, and waste. These sessions will also facilitate an open knowledge exchange between cities

Film space

A showcase of unique documentaries from film makers around the globe that revolve around urban themes and the struggles and celebrations of living in cities.

Exhibition space

Architects, artists, and photographers join forces to bring together five installations that celebrate urban spaces and it’s memories.

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