Director: B Narsing Rao 13’/ / No words

AKRUTI is about rock formations. Beautifully captured, it brings out Rao’s love for nature. It could pass the test of an international geography documentary. It won the Special Jury Award of the International Film Festival of India and also Silver Nandi Award in 1991. Rao says he owes his diverse talents to his rustic origins–the simplistic lifestyle of that rural folk, the pristine nature around, the naive influences, impressions and beliefs of people from the hinterland. In Telugu cinema circles, Rao is called ‘The Killer of Kitsch’, or one who goes against the tide.

B. Narsing Rao is one of the pioneers of Art Film Movement in Indian cinema in general and Telugu cinema in particular . His movies have created a special sensation with their sensible thoughts and story . He had made sincere efforts to take Telugu Cinema to the world .