The Idea

Do Din is a two day community driven participatory techno-arts event anchored by Hyderabad Urban Lab, an urban research programme anchored by the Right to the City Foundation, Hyderabad. The event will bring together over 200 computer programmers artists and academics. Over two days, they will participate in workshops, discussions, demonstrations, exhibitions and performances.

The event will have two components: one workshop event organized in unconference style around governance, civic action and information technology and one freewheeling festival organized around urban cultures, economies, histories and politics.  Each of these will be divided into several tracks that will run continuously at different locations at the venue.

Urban Tech Workshop:

The governance – civic action and information technology focus will bring together 100 young programmers and data experts from all over the country. Under this focus, there will be three specific technology specializations and three urban socio-economic themes:

Technology specializations:

  1. Mobile application development
  2. Maps and geospatial applications
  3. data visualization applications

Urban soio-economic themes:

  1. Water and waste
  2. Housing and planning
  3. Urban mobility

Along with these allied areas of specialization and themes will also be accommodated as necessary.

Urban arts festival:

The freewheeling urban arts festival will be organized around what we call urban arts: comedy shows, music performances, talk shows, theatre and cinema screenings. The themes of all these events will be focused on ordinary life in cities.

While the two day event will attract, people from other cities and therefore will generally appeal to anyone with an interest in cities, effort will be made to give it a strong local flavor by focusing on local history and culture. Therefore the cultural events will showcase local talent and local idioms.