Do Din is a two day community driven participatory techno-arts event anchored by Hyderabad Urban Lab, an urban research programme anchored by the Right to the City Foundation, Hyderabad.

We need everyone to get involved and engaged towards making this techno-arts event diverse, vibrant, and a success.

There are many ways you can participate!


There’s a lot of running around, coordination, and much more. Interested in meeting cool folk, working on driving a session, or anything else then please fill up our volunteer form.



If you don’t have time to volunteer, click to sign up for the newsletter and keep abreast of all the action!


Everyone is welcome to Do Din. The venue is central, parking available, and events are free. What are you waiting for? Register today and join us on the 14th & 15th of December!

Do Din will try to pay for a train ticket for qualifying out of town participants. Please send us an email to find out more about train tickets.