Madhu Reddy

Madhu Reddy is a passionate traveler at heart, who has transplanted herself back in Hyderabad.  She is working full time now as a farmer to convert the family farm Aiyor Bai to chemical free. She is one of the co-producers for Open Show Hyderabad  and has been instrumental in starting the Open Show chapter in India.

Siddharth Hande

Sidharth is a geo-spatial analyst and researcher in urban studies and New Media. He is interested in citizen cartography, the politics of urbanization in cities of the Global South, the politics of data, participatory development and urban ecology

Nisha Thompson

Nisha Thompson has a background in online community organisation. She is Data Project Manager at Arghyam/ India Water Portal Prior to that she has worked for the Sunlight Foundation in Washington DC, with online communities to use US government data to hold elected officials accountable.

Debashish Nayak

Debabshish Nayak a leading architect and heritage advisor of India. He is the director of the Centre for Heritage Management, Ahmedabad University and adviser to the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation’s heritage cell.

Sajjad Anwar

Sajjad Anwar is a hacktivist and programmer based in Bangalore. He works in the research and design of data
analytics and infographics. He hearts maps and often makes one. He is found working with other technologists, social activists and
researchers in education, human rights and policy making. Along with two others, he runs the
collective. Find him on Twitter

Sumandro Chattapadhyay

Sumandro  is a researcher with an interest in economies, politics, cultures and landscapes of data. He works with The Sarai Programme, Centre for the Study of Developing Societies, New Delhi, and HasGeek Media LLP, Bangalore, India. Previously a student of economics, he has worked on topics related to urban development, data visualisation, and open data policies. He is a free software and open access enthusiast. Find him on Twitter.

Prashant KV

Prashant is the Founder of the innovation space called Devthon. He is a hacker who loves working on art, design and technology by bringing them together into multidisciplinary projects. He has a keen interest for electronics and loves open source hardware. Find him on Twitter.

Arvind Lodaya

Arvind Lodaya is a strategic innovation & branding consultant at Arvind Lodaya Consulting. Arvind Lodaya Consulting is an experienced, multi-speciality consultancy in Bangalore.


Anuradha Naik

Anuradha Naik is a conservation architect and architectual historian based in Hyderabad.  Trained as an architect at Edinburgh University in Scotland,  and having received further international training in conservation of ancient buildings, she is currently involved in a number of conservation and architectural history research projects in Hyderabad.  Among her previous assignments are project coordination for the City Museum, located in  Chowmohalla Palace, dedicated to the .people of Hyderabad. She is also associated with initiatives around Mehbook Chowk, Paigah Tombs, the Fish Market and Mahbubia Girls School.