Aslam Farshori

Aslam Farshori is one of India’s leading Radio and TV personalities. He  is also one of the lead comperers for all India Mushairas and has also compered international Mushairas. He has been the host for Mushairas with big names like Ahmed Faraz, Kaifi Azmi, Bashir Badr, Nawaaz Deobandi, Nida Fazli and many other popular Urdu poets.

Madhu Kaza

Madhu Kaza was born in Andhra Pradesh, India and grew up in Detroit, Michigan. She is currently an educator, writer and artist based in New York. Much of her work is informed by her astonishment at everyday life.

Kanthimathi Kannan

Kanthimathi Kannan is the founder of the Right to Walk Foundation, an NGO based in Hyderabad that is dedicated to making the roads of the city pedestrian friendly. She is one of the speakers at the TEDxHitechCity Event.

Jasveen Jairath

Jasveen Jairath is a water sector professional with a background in engineering and economics. Her professional work has focused on the political economy of water with particular reference to equity and access to water by the socially deprived communities.

Nitya V. Raman

Nithya V. Raman is Director of Transparent Chennai, her work has focusses on questions of human rights and urban planning, particularly the access of the urban poor to land and livelihoods. She has worked with various groups including Amnesty International, the Hazards Center, and the Unorganized Workers’ Federation. Nithya co-authored Clouds of Injustice, a report published by Amnesty International on the environmental and health impacts of the Bhopal gas leak of 1984, and was a SARAI Fellow.

Arun Ganesh

An advocate of open geographic data and free information. Most of my work revolves around geography and visualizations and can be found on the Wikimedia and OpenStreetMaps projects. I also coordinate the BusRoutes.In Indian public transport route wiki project and preach about the benefits of public transportation to random people on the road.