Chronicles of a temple painter

Director: Shravan Katikaneni 52 ‘/ 2013 / Hyderabadi with English sub-titles

On August 25th, 2007 a bomb blast at Gokul chat center killed over 40 people in Hyderabad. Papalal, a Hindu temple painter rescued a four year old distraught Muslim girl. Since then he and his wife have taken care of her as their own daughter. This noble family’s world soon turned upside down. Muslim groups have been pressurizing that the child be handed over to a Muslim orphanage so she can be raised as a practicing Muslim, while the local Hindu groups are strongly opposing the idea of a Hindu family raising a Muslim girl.

The story of Papalal’s family is a disturbing account of the freedom with which religious chauvinism and bigotry operate in a country that has secularism for an ideal. It shows how humanism and tolerance—the very qualities required to overcome communal discord and strife—rather than being nurtured are in danger of being subverted. But through all these accounts of hardship, ultimately this is an inspiring tale of humanity, harmony and hope.

Cinematography by Gnana Shekar VS

Shravan Katikaneni graduated from Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute with specialization in Editing. Since 2005 he has been editing Ads, corporates, documentaries and telugu feature films. Some of his feature films include ‘Gamyam’, ‘Vedam’ and ‘Golconda High School’. He has also directed short films which include ‘Z.Y.X…’ and ‘I ME MYSELF’. ‘Chronicles of a Temple Painter’ is his first documentary film.