City on the water

Director: Charles Correa 17 ‘/ 1975/  English/ Colour/Films Division

This film, written and directed by Charles Correa and photographed by Purush Baokar, is a cinematic meditation on images that we take for granted, but never tire of. The milling crowds at Bombay VT station (it was Bombay VT then); the lashing monsoon waves at Marine Drive and Worli Seaface, with children reveling in the splash; the cliched-but-ever-energetic image of the crowds on busy south Bombay roads along with archival footage from 1950s films on Bombay, which were much recycled in many FD documentaries. That is what iconic images are for anyway!

It is fascinating to watch this film so many years after it was made, with the awareness of the present-day realities of Bombay and New Bombay. The film forces us to reflect on the ever-changing and sometimes never-changing aspects of metropolitan life.

Camera: Purush Baokar
Sound: NS Krishna
Animation: MA Narvekar, MV Devidasan, DV Jog
Voices: Pearl Padamsee, Gerson Da Cunha
Editing: A Habib
Music: Vijay Raghav Rao
Production: Pramod Pati
Produced by: CIDCO and Govt. of Maharashtra