Cutting off a life line

Director : Saraswati Kavula 63’/2007/Hyderabadi, Telugu, English

The city of Hyderabad was born on the banks of the River Musi. However, today, Musi has been relegated to history books by the people of the city. Little do they realize the importance of this Lifeline of Hyderabad.

Cutting off a lifeline, especially made for the people of Hyderabad, brings back to conscience, that this “Murky” river (as they call it now), still continues to provide life for thousands of rural folk. The film tries to throw certain important questions we need to ask ourselves regarding our perceptions of Urbanisation, our demands as city-dwellers, which impact thousands if not millions of lives in the rural areas.

It also shows up the callous attitude of the planners, bureaucrats who seem to think of the urban and rural poor as non-entities. All in all, a lifeline has been turned into a tool of death and disease.

  • 2nd International festival on water, Voices from the waters, Bangalore, 2007
  • CMS Vatavaran film festival 2010, Hyderabad.

Saraswati Kavula, a hotel management professional turned filmmaker,  has studied documentary filmmaking from Universtiy of Salford, Manchester, UK. She had a short stint at the All India Radio, as a radio host before becoming a filmmaker and made some radio documentaries while at AIR. She has worked in the documentary field since 2000 and has made numerous short features for Doordarshan on community based development initiatives, and a series of films on issues concerning agriculture. As an independent filmmaker she has made investigative films on issues like Illegal mining in Narsipatnam, impacts of trawling on fishing communities, the pollution of the Musi River the setting up of Special Economic Zones and Coastal Industrial corridor. Her films are about the interconnection of social and environmental and human rights issues. Dam’ned is her latest film focussing on the Polavaram Dam and its impacts on the submergence and beneficiary areas.