Do Din Shorts #1: Mallepally

One week since Do Din. We would like to start sharing short write ups about the different events which were part of Do Din. We will start this section with the Mallepally exhibit.

Mallepally in Hyderabad is adjacent to the Afzal Sagar tank which used look like the shape of South America, and was built by the fifth Asafjahi ruler – Afzal Ud Daula and was a largish tank. All of it has disappeared in the last 30 years.
There is a detailed map from a hundred years ago (including Afzal Sagar) from before any of the housing areas were developed. There is also a map of the City Improvement Board plans which created the CIB quarters in Mallepally.
Hyderabad City Improvement Board (CIB) was formed in 1914 A.D. The work carried out during the first 15 years since its formation is given in two reports one in 1919 A.D. and one in 1930 A.D. The board took on several tasks such as slum clearance, constructing and improving traffic roads, constructing drains and other miscellaneous works.
Slum land around the Khaiatabad, Habibnagar and Red Hill localities was cleared and people from the area needed to be relocated. Since the lands near Nampally below Afzul Sagar Tank were fallow paddy fields, the CIB reclaimed the land and constructed model houses which then housed those who had been disturbed by the CIB’s operations. This part of Hyderabad came to be called Mallepally.

During Do Din, there was an installation on Mallepally, the history of the neighbourhood and the 100 years of change that it has undergone.