Join us in making Do Din happen!

Do Din (d̪o d̪ɪn meaning two days) is a community driven event to bring together different groups of people who live and work in cities. The idea has two sides to it. The first where professionals of various kinds: hackers, cartographers, planners, policymakers, administrators, citizen groups will meet over two days in workshops, training, and brainstorming sessions to develop new skills and insights into how they can work together to make cities better.

The second is more public oriented where we will have artists, poets, film makers, photographers and ordinary people coming together to share their experiences of Hyderabad as a city. While everything is open to everyone, the workshop sessions require a commitment of two days over the weekend of December 14-15 and a longer term interest in continuing voluntary work (anywhere between 3 to five hours a week) on projects that will emerge from these workshops.

Do Din needs your help!

We are barely three weeks away from the event. Since we will have about 75 participants from outside Hyderabad, and a cost estimate of about Rs. 5 to 7 lakhs (Approx. $10,000). We do have some offers of corporate sponsorship but we are trying to avoid being part of a corporate branding exercise. So, we are looking to raise as much of the funding as possible from friends and from people who care for Hyderabad city.

Contributing in the US Dollars?

Contributing in Indian Rupees?

You can make the contribution directly to us in Indian rupees by online payment or in cheque to:

  • Account Name: Right to the City Foundation
  • Account No: 33260100002656
  • Bank Name: Bank of Baroda (Tarnaka Branch, Hyderabad)

    Please note in the code above,  it is numeral zero after BARB and not aplphabet O.
  • Bank Address: G1G2G3 Surya Toweers, 12-13-483/32 St. No. 1, Tarnaka 500003

Contributing in kind? 

  • Help us find accommodation for the guests. We will have up to 75 guests and we need to find places where they can stay. So if you work for a company that can provide guest accommodation or pick up the tabs or if you can host them in a hostel, please do let us know. Contact us if you can help
  • Volunteer at Do Din. It is a lot of hard work involving logistics. We are taking on volunteers. Their expenses need to be covered. So, you can simply sponsor a volunteer’s expenses or better still offer to work with us those two days.
  • We need a lot of nicknacks to fall into place. Just stay in touch and help by giving us moral support. 🙂