What is the word on the street ?

We understand urban narrative it as any form that tells us a story about the city.  So, please come over to make a speech, tell a story or make a joke. All these are common forms of public entertainment in Hyderabad. So, we give you the platform. Just make us an offer. Here is what we are confident of putting on show:

1.  Tales from the works: We are lining up a number of speakers from different lifeworlds: sweepers, autowalas, hakeems, bus drivers and public sector employees to tell us about their lives. How they saw the city through their work.

2. Tales from the neighborhoods: We are lining up speakers from neighborhoods in the city who have seen it change. (e.g. Marredpally )

3. Remember that ?: We are lining up speakers who have witnessed key events in Hyderbad who can tell us what they saw. Remember Rameeza Bee ? Remember the time when they said Husain Sagar breached ?

Can you think of anything else and can put it on show ? Please contact our curators