Neighbourhood histories: Mallepally

Mallepally in Hyderabad is adjacent to the Afzal Sagar tank which used to be a tank which looked like the shape of south america, and was built by the fifth Asafjahi ruler – Afzal Ud Daula and was a largish tank. All of it has disappeared in the last 30 years.

We have a detailed map from a hundred years ago (including Afzal Sagar) from before any of the housing areas were developed. We also have a map of the City Improvement Board plans which created the CIB quarters in Mallepally. We are trekking through the neighborhoods looking for evidence of these histories in the neighborhoods in the form of buildings, oral histories and nalas built over and so on.

Ashhar Farhan gave us a guided tour of Mallepally neighborhoods yesterday to help us think about the Mallepalli and Anwarul Uloom College neighborhoods history project for Do Din .  The one that made my day was an old man, telling us that the house there by which you must have walked to come here was the one in which Nigar Sultana, of Mughal e Azam used to live. So everybody in the area would walk by the house hoping to catch a glimpse of her, at least a glimpse of her nails.


If you know anyone who can contribute to this in terms of stories, images, plan documents, news reports, old journals or documents, family archives etc., please do put us in touch with them.