Paradox City

Director: Saraswati Kavula  39’/2006 / Hyderabadi, Telugu, English

Post 90’s Liberalisation has brought in many changes into Hyderabad. From its laid back lifestyle to a hectic one, from the cycle rickshaw and bicycles to I10’s and innova’s…many things are different in the city…including the ever increasing traffic problems. Some blame it on the inherent indiscipline of the city  while others blame it on the indifferent govt. agencies…but who will find a holistic solution that will finally bring order in the chaos? Are the solutions being offered by the authorities truly inclusive of the common man? Paradox City captures the spirit and mood of the City Traffic typical to Hyderabad with a plenty of opportunity for laughter and at the same time looks beyond the obvious.

  • CMS Vatavaran film festival 2010, Hyderabad

Saraswati Kavula, a hotel management professional turned filmmaker,  has studied documentary filmmaking from Universtiy of Salford, Manchester, UK. She had a short stint at the All India Radio, as a radio host before becoming a filmmaker and made some radio documentaries while at AIR. She has worked in the documentary field since 2000 and has made numerous short features for Doordarshan on community based development initiatives, and a series of films on issues concerning agriculture. As an independent filmmaker she has made investigative films on issues like Illegal mining in Narsipatnam, impacts of trawling on fishing communities, the pollution of the Musi River the setting up of Special Economic Zones and Coastal Industrial corridor. Her films are about the interconnection of social and environmental and human rights issues. Dam’ned is her latest film focussing on the Polavaram Dam and its impacts on the submergence and beneficiary areas.