Platform no. 5

Director: C. Vanaja 26 ‘/ 2010 / Telugu, English

The film is about three children living on the railway platforms – Wajid and his two friends. An economically independent and self-reliant childhood, free from school and home seems quite adventurous. Ideas about love, fear, respect and money picked up from movies and from the street may or may not be different from the other kids. But some stark differences emerge. Their life is constantly threatened by the very elements that protect them today. Fun loving, easy going, happy-go-lucky Wajid and his friends reflect the lives of millions of such children who are looking at a future that is dangerous at best or ‘short’ at the worst.

  • Best Documentary at SCRIPT International 2012, Kerala
  • Best Livelihood Film 2011, CMS Vatavan, New Delhi
  • Afghanistan Human Rights Film Festival 2013, Kabul
  • 2nd Short & Documentary film festival 2013, Kolkatta
  • Asian Women’s Film Festival  2012, New Delhi
  • International Short and Docuemntary Film festiva 2011l, Kerala
  • Film South Asia 2011 (first Telugu film to be screened at FSA), Khatmandu

C Vanaja is an award winning journalist and film maker based in Hyderabad. Trained in mass communications, she has two decades of experience across all media – print, broadcast, electronic and web.  Was a visiting fellow at University of California, Berkeley for a year during 2007-08.

Made critically acclaimed and award winning documentaries like Smarana (2004), Red Corridor (2006), Positive Living (2006), Fistful of Water (2007), Shadows (2008), Hunger-free Women (2008), Breeding Invasions (2009), Heroes of Today (2010), and OUddhakaanda (2011) Her work focuses on issues of development and social concerns.