Recycled News

Art installation by Dr. Avani Rao Gandra
Part of City On The Edge

Medium – Newspapers , plastic sheets, steel mesh , jute rope.

The dynamics of newspaper circulation and its recycling, in a way suggest how news repeats itself – the stories differ but the essence is the same , of corruption , suicides , rape , political , economic upheavals . They give hints and traces underlying stress, greed , frustration, a general loss of balance s in the teeming city life . The tainted yellowing of old papers as fading memories.

These signs erupt as hidden wounds, bought afresh every morning and fade away into lighter shades and tones as time passes. The ebb and fall remain in underlying conscience, bought to the fore by fresh bursts of incidents and events.

All news is not transparent, black humor of hidden truths , opinionated , dogmatic , biased that leave incisions on the harried senses , of a stressed life in the city . All complex, the newspaper in its composite fold informs , entertains in colour , builds opinion and judgment in black and white , whereas life is in shades of greys .

Only to be folded and recycled again with a glimmer of hope.