Maps, painting, pictures, video, and cinema. People walking about taking in the sights. People sizing up each other. People dreaming up a new life. People having nightmares. Cities have always been and will always be sources of visual cultures. In this section, Do Din will present you with our own selection of visuals of Hyderabad and we invite you to bring and share yours. Since the idea is to present a coherent selection, we do have a curator with whom you can discuss your ideas.  But here is a list of what we are confident of offering.  Please help us expand this list.

1. A curated film festival: This will include films like Is shehar ko kya hua ,   Katiabaaz, Q2P,

2. Hyderabad as it was in 1913: A set of maps from the Municipal Survey of Hyderabad from 1913 (e.g. Khairatabad )

3. A collection of Advertisements of Hyderabadi products over the decades (e.g. Zinda Tilismath, Charminar Cigarettes)

4. Maps and pictures and drawings of City Improvement Board period

5. Family or public photo albums

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